Physiotherapy is a part of health care profession which simply means physical therapy. It is aimed at providing treatment to patients to restore physical functions and movements throughout the patient’s life. It also helps in maintaining and developing maximum utility of the joints. The treatment may be provided for injuries, diseases or concerns arising out of aging process or environment.

This type of health care provides for physical, emotional and psychological along with social well being. It takes into consideration the prevention, treatment/intervention, rehabilitation and promotion of maximization of quality of life and physical well being. It includes numerous interactions between the patients, therapists, other health professionals as well as family members and care givers. The movement potentials of each patient are studied assessed and the true potential is discussed. A goal is reached in agreement with all the parties involved. The process involves skills and knowledge of a physical therapist.

A patient can consult a therapist for

  1. Occasional cure
  2. Frequent requirements
  3. Continuous development

At Medilife Hospital, an all inclusive evaluation takes place. A comprehensive assessment is done of the condition or the concern and a plan for its treatment is established. At medilife, we consider the holistic way of treatment, in the sense that the patient is considered in a holistic way and the root cause of the problem and its contributing factors are understood and dealt with accordingly.
All types of injuries related to sports as well as otherwise related to the movement of body are treated. Some of the therapy procedures are mentioned below:
Therapeutic exercise includes a state of art, fully equipped gym with cardio and strength training

Different types of traction procedures are provided such as cervical and lumbar traction

Joint mobilization, joint manipulation, mobilization with movement, therapeutic massage and soft tissue mobilization.

Assessing EMG biofeedback so that the retraining of specific muscle can be activated or relaxed

  1. Low level laser therapy
  2. Relaxation techniques
  3. Electrotherapy
  4. Intermittent compression therapy and Cognitive therapy

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